Civic Engagement Service Projects and Funding Opportunities

Students pursuing the Diamond Leadership in Community Engagement and Social Justice Certificate begin with volunteering and service and move to a higher level of commitment that involves working and partnering with others in a campus or community-based project or involvement in local, regional, state, national and global organizations that seek to address social justice issues. The specific requirements for the Diamond Leadership in Community Engagement and Social Justice Certificate are posted on the website under Certificates.

Documents for Download:

Civic Engagement Project Guidelines

These guidelines apply to SUNY Geneseo students engaging in civic engagement and volunteer activities who are working on programs or projects not sponsored by existing SUNY Geneseo recognized student organizations. All civic engagement student projects must advance the College Mission and comply with the Student Code of Conduct. Students will have the opportunity to register their projects to be sponsored by GOLD and the Center for Community, MacVittie college Union room 353. Students will be required to fill out the Civic Engagement Student Project Registration forms and submit them to the Center for Community for approval. Student project leaders for registered civic engagement projects will be required to fill out a monthly report to be submitted the first day of each month to the Center for Community.

Registered projects will be entitled to use college facilities and services including fundraising privileges, scheduling college meeting space, publicity on the GOLD and Volunteer Center websites, and opportunities to advertise and promote the project on campus.

Fundraising events must be approved in advance by the Center for Community and the Department of College Union and Activities. Registered projects may also apply for a holding account to deposit funds with Livingston CARES free of charge (See Livingston Cares Policy Guidelines for Project Holding Accounts).

Project leaders may submit description of the project for posting on the GOLD and Volunteer Center websites.

Adopted (10-1-09) Center for Community / GOLD / Volunteer Center Policy

Current Civic Engagement Projects:

  • Ghana Project (PDF)


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