Diamond Leadership Certificate

The Diamond Civic Engagement Leadership Certificate is designed to prepare students for lifelong engagement and involvement in community life through individual and collective actions designed to identify and address issues of public concern. Students will need to utilize many of the leadership skills offered in the Bronze, Silver, Emerald and Sapphire certificates to successfully complete this certificate. Civic engagement begins with volunteering and service and require a higher level of commitment that involves working with others in a campus or community-based project or social justice issue. Engagement includes joining neighborhood organizations; participating in local school and community organizations; joining political parties and running for office; active involvement in local, state, national and global organizations and issues; and serving others to make a positive difference in the local, regional, national and global community.

Students should begin this certificate by taking the first three required workshops: What Is Civic and Community Engagement?, Community Mapping and Community Engagement and Social Justice Activity Preparation. The last required workshop on Community Engagement and Social Justices Activities--Structured Reflection is a structured reflection scheduled on GREAT Day in April to permit time to complete and reflect on the engagement project or social justice activity. Students will be encouraged to pursue projects that reflect their personal passions and interests and may be related to careers and future lives as engaged citizens.

The Diamond Certificate will be awarded upon completion of eight workshops, including the four required workshops (What is Civic and Community Engagement, Community Mapping, Community Engagement and Social Justice Activites--Structured Reflection), submission of journal reflections for each workshop and completion of a civic engagement project or a reflection paper on involvement in a social justice issue.


  • Community Engagement and Social Justice Activities Structured Reflection 4/8
  • Community Engagement and Social Justice Activity Preparation 10/18, 11/4 & 2/12
  • Community Resource Mapping 10/2 & 2/5
  • What is Civic & Community Engagement? 9/4 & 1/29


  • Applying for Service Jobs: AmeriCorps, VISTA & RYY 11/20
  • Community Dinner and Dialogue on Literacy 2/11
  • Critical Evaluation of Energy Use Choices in the Context of Our Changing Climate
  • Decision Making With Character 11/12
  • Grant Writing: A Brief Look at Locating Sources and Learning to Write Proposals 11/20 & 2/25
  • Lessons from the Most Positive Person in Town 9/9
  • Live Green Expo 2/19
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Leadership & Service 1/20
  • Pearls of Wisdom
  • From SA President to a Stellar Career 11/8
  • From VISTA to Visionary: a Leaders... 3/28
  • Why Public Service is Still a Noble Career 11/22
  • Philanthropy 10/30 & 1/27
  • Planning and Leading Service Trips 1/30
  • Problem Solving 10/1 & 4/15
  • Servant Leadership 10/23, 1/20 & 1/22
  • Social Change Model of Leadership 10/8 & 1/29
  • Socialized for Change 11/7
  • Social Justice Series:
    - Beyond the 3 Rs: Education for Living in Ethical and Sustainable Ways (Issues in Social Justice Series) 11/4 & 4/9
    - Confronting Poverty Wages & Worker Deaths 9/23
    - Critical Evaluation of Energy Use... 11/5 & 2/11
    - Democracy at Risk in America? Panel Discussion 9/17
    - Genocide After the Holocaust 11/6
    - God Grew Tired of Us 11/13
    - Giving a Global Voice to Emacipation 1/20
    - Leadership in Energy Sustainability...10/28
    - Mass Imprisonment in the United States 11/18
    - Obamacare 11/21
    - Picking Cotton [All-College Lecture Series]12/4
    - Taking Action Once You Know: Anthropology...9/18
    - The Significance and Insignificance of...9/18
    - Ungifted: Redefining Intelligence 9/25
    - Women's Issues in Social Justice [WLC] 3/5


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