Jade Leadership Certificate

The Jade Certificate is designed to help students recognize the importance of sustainability issues in their personal and professional
lives and to understand their responsibilities as individuals and community members to promote and encourage sustainable practices. The
Jade certificate provides a practical foundation for students looking to take on leadership roles in the movement to build a more
sustainable society through workshops and hands on activities created, in partnership, with the Office of Sustainability.

The Jade Certificate will be awarded upon completion of eight workshops, including the four required workshops (Following the Money:
Economy and the Environment, Opportunities in Current Environmental Issues, Reflection in Current Environmental Issues, and Unpacking
Portrayals of Sustainability) and submission of journal reflections for each workshop. The Jade Certificate also has a ten hour service in
sustainability requirement, which can be completed through the Office of Sustainability or on the student's own time; more information on
this service component is given in the Opportunities in Current Environmental Issues workshop.

[Students who have completed required workshops that differ from the new required workshops posted below will need to complete a total of four reequired workshops, either new or previously credited workshops. The new ten hour service compomnent will be required to complete the certificate].


  • Opportunities in Current Environmental Issues - Preparation... 9/14 & 2/3
  • Unpacking Portrayals of Sustainability...9./18 &1/27
  • Following the Money: Economics and the Environment... 12/7 & 1/28
  • Reflection in Current Environmental Issues...1/16 & 4/13


  • Building and Sustaining Organizations... 3/28
  • Community Resource Mapping...10/7 1/18 &2/8
  • Earthship Biotechture and Sustainable Development...10/5
  • EcoHouse Panel Discussion...2/11
  • Evaluating Energy Options l: Traditional Sources..2/8
  • Evaluating Energy Options II: Alternative Energies.. 2/22
  • Evaluating Agriculture's Environmental Impact.. 2/17
  • What's Up With Fracking...10/20
  • Critical Evaluation of Energy Use Choices in the Context of Our (...)..10/6 & 1/26
  • Developing a Personal Sustainability Plan..11/19
  • EcoHouse Panel Discussion..10/17
  • Happiness, Materialism and Intentional Living..11/18 & 2/18
  • If Sustainability is the Solution, What is the Problem?..12/2
  • Leadership in Energy Sustainability..11/2
  • Live Green Expo (Earth Day)... 4/22
  • Oxfam Hunger Banquet... 2/29
  • Persuading the Powerful...10/14 & 2/10
  • Rights and Responsibilities of Volunteers.. 9/29 & 2/1
  • Social Change Model of Leadership.. 8/27, 9/28 &.1/20
  • What is Eco-Feminism?... 2/26
  • Your Happiness and the Environment.. 4/11


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